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Trypanosomatid genomes encode for numerous proteins containing an RNA recognition motif (RRM), but the function of most of these proteins in mRNA metabolism is currently unknown. Here, we report the function of two such proteins that we have named PTB1 and PTB2, which resemble the mammalian polypyrimidine tract binding proteins (PTB). RNAi silencing of(More)
It has been previously observed that collagen destruction occurs in the vicinity of immune complexes present in articular cartilages of patients with rheumatoid arthritis. When IgG is covalently linked to Sepharose it behaves as if it has reacted with an antigen to form an immune complex, in that it binds the complement component C1 from human serum. Other(More)
The idioptypic (Id) determinant of immunoglobulin expressed on the cell surface of malignant B cells represents a prototypical tumor-associated antigen (TAA), which has been used in a purified soluble form for active immunization in experimental tumor models and human hematological malignancies. Using a spontaneous transplantable murine model of B cell(More)
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