Sarika Tyagi

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Syncope is a sudden transient loss of consciousness and motor control accompanied by loss of postural tone and followed by spontaneous recovery. A wide variety of cardiovascular disorders can cause an abrupt fall in cerebral perfusion that may manifest as recurrent or isolated episodes of syncope and presyncope, which is a feeling of lightheadedness or(More)
This paper proposes a compact, low power high frequency trigger pulse generator circuit. Delay-introducing circuit that can incorporate a certain amount of delay during signal processing while maintaining the signal integrity is utilized in the proposed design. This paper evaluates performance of various delay-introducing circuits in terms of different(More)
Threshold voltage (V<sub>TH</sub>) is a prime device parameter to model on-off transition characteristics for MOSFETs. Accurate V<sub>TH</sub> of the device is evaluated by several estimation techniques reported in literature. However, these estimated values of V<sub>TH</sub> differ from the exact values due to various short channel effects (SCEs) and(More)
Huntington’s disease (HD) is an inherited disease of the central nervous system that usually has its onset between 30 and 50 years of age. The patient has progressive dementia with bizarre involvantary movements of chorea. The disease slowly progresses and death is usually due to an intercurrent infection. Huntington’s disease affects someone’s ability to(More)
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