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Spatial processing related to directed attention is thought to be mediated by a specific cortical-basal ganglia-thalamic-cortical network in the rat. Key components of this network are associative cortical areas medial agranular cortex (AGm) and posterior parietal cortex (PPC), dorsocentral striatum (DCS), and lateral posterior (LP) thalamic nucleus, all of(More)
We studied the immunoreactivity of 5-methoxytryptamine (MT) and 5-hydroxytryptamine (HT) in the raphe region of rats using specific polyclonal antibodies and the peroxidase/anti-peroxidase (PAP) technique. Overall, the patterns of the specific staining for these two antibodies were found to be the same in this region of the rat brain. The staining reaction(More)
Shunt surgery is the usual treatment for infantile hydrocephalus, but its precise effects on ventricles and cortex are not well understood. Infant H-Tx rats with inherited hydrocephalus, which have progressive enlargement of the lateral ventricles and thinned cerebral cortex, have been used to study the effect of ventriculosubcutaneous shunts by(More)
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