Sari Tewfik

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Methods developed for the qualitative simulation of dy-namical systems have turned out to be powerful tools for studying genetic regulatory networks. We present a generalization of a simulation method based on piecewise-linear differential equation models that is able to deal with discontinuities. The method is sound and has been implemented in a computer(More)
The functioning and development of living organisms is controlled by large and complex networks of genes, proteins, small molecules, and their interactions, so-called genetic regulatory networks. In this review we discuss a method for the qualitative modeling and simulation of genetic regulatory networks which is well-adapted to the current lack of precise(More)
Simultaneous platelet and fibrinogen survival and turnover were studied using selenomethionine (75Se) in early and late groups of schistosomal hepatic fibrosis (SHF) and in a control group. In the control group, the mean platelet survival was 11.66 +/- 1.59 days and mean platelet turnover was 20,230 +/- 5090 platelets/microliter/day. Mean fibrinogen(More)
Phonocephalography is the amplification and recording of sounds from the surface and cavities of the head aiming for the introduction of a non-invasive pre-angiographic technique. Nasopharyngeal Phonocephalography was found successful for recording of normal tracing. The effect of the extra-cephalic sounds and factors on the tracing were discussed.(More)