Sari T. Salminen

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We performed qualitative and histoquantitative investigations of tissue restoration after implanting polyglycolide (PGA), polydioxanone (PDS), polylevolactide (PLLA), and stainless steel pins in the intramedullary canal of rabbit femurs. The effect of bioabsorbable devices on healing of a cortical bone defect was also assessed. The cortical bone defect was(More)
This prospective study aimed to evaluate if chondral and meniscal lesions in symptomatic knees of osteoarthritis patients can be reliably identified using only one sagittal dual-echo MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging) sequence. MRI was performed on 13 patients after knee arthroscopy due to knee pain and clinically suspected osteoarthritis using a 1.5-Tesla(More)
(1) Orthopae dic Clinic Rumme lsbe rg, Schwarze nbruck, Ge rmany; (2) He lsinki University Ce ntral Hospital, De partme nt of Surge ry, Orthopae dics and Traumatology; (3) Peter Brehm Chirurgie me chanik,We ise ndorf, Ge rmany As the number of primary THRs of younger patients with high physical demands increases, the amount of revision operations also(More)
Forces that are able to transport Na+ and K+ into two compartments were investigated. A modified Nernst-Planck equation for coupled flows of electric current, water, and ions was integrated. The result shows that if alkali ions in the ion channel of the cell membrane are separated by their electric-current-induced inward flows against an electro-osmotic(More)
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