Sari Pitkänen

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Learning Objects (LOs) enables an individual and adaptive learning process provided by Learning Content Management System (LCMS) or realised on the micro level by an individual learning object. The adaptive use of LOs sets up demands for LOs; they have to be highly reusable, but still not pedagogically empty or meaningless pieces of content information.(More)
BACKGROUND Epidermal growth factor receptor (EGFR) is overexpressed in many solid tumor types, such as ovarian carcinoma. Immunoliposome based drug targeting has shown promising results in drug delivery to the tumors. However, the ratio of tumor-to-normal tissue concentrations should be increased to minimize the adverse effects of cytostatic drugs. (More)
It has been suggested that above-ground biomass (AGB) inventories should include tree height (H), in addition to diameter (D). As H is a difficult variable to measure, H-D models are commonly used to predict H. We tested a number of approaches for H-D modelling, including additive terms which increased the complexity of the model, and observed how(More)
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