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Vulvovaginal symptoms in children and young adolescents are not yet very well understood, nor is the actual incidence known. This study evaluates the character and possible infectious aetiology of vulvar symptoms of females aged up to 16 y. The signs, symptoms and bacteriological findings of 68 consecutive cases were studied. The study was conducted in the(More)
The aim of pubertal induction by estrogen in hypogonadic girls is to achieve physical and psychological development similar to that in natural puberty. We investigated the use of percutaneous estradiol gel for induction of puberty in girls with Turner syndrome (TS).Twenty-three girls with TS and hypogonadism were included in the study. The initial(More)
STUDY OBJECTIVE Abdominal pain is a common symptom in female children and adolescents that may be caused by appendicitis, other gastrointestinal or urological conditions, or gynecological problems. This study evaluates retrospectively the preoperative work-up and the operative treatment of ovarian masses in young girls at our institution. SETTINGS The(More)
Since mycorrhizal symbionts are dependent on host carbon availability, shading and grazing of the host plant often decrease mycorrhizal colonization in host roots. We conducted field experiments on an intensively mycorrhizal host, Autumn gentian, Gentianella amarella to investigate the effects of neighbor removal and simulated grazing on host growth and(More)
Gynaecological examination of girls during childhood is undertaken somewhat infrequently. These genital examinations should not be taboo or a frightening experience for the girl, for her parents or for the physician. Studies of children suspected of sexual abuse have paid attention to the wide variety of gynaecological conditions already present in(More)
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