Sari Ackerman

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Three questions stimulated by Erik Erikson's theory of generativity were addressed: 1) Is generativity associated with greater subjective well-being? 2) Are agency and communion additive or interactive predictors of generativity? 3) Does generativity play a distinct role during the midlife period? Among ninety-eight midlife adults, generativity was(More)
PROBLEM BEING ADDRESSED Nutrition services can have an important role in prevention and management of many conditions seen by family physicians, but access to these services in primary care is limited. OBJECTIVE OF PROGRAM To integrate specialized nutrition services into the offices of family physicians in Hamilton, Ont, in order to improve patient access(More)
OBJECTIVES This study sought to determine rates of dual disorders (psychiatric and substance use disorders) in a population of low-income inner-city outpatients, to compare the rates in outpatient mental health and substance abuse treatment settings, and to examine the clinical usefulness of classifying patients with dual disorders into three subtypes. (More)
PROBLEM BEING ADDRESSED Primary care reform is an important component of health services restructuring. One of the goals of primary care reform is to integrate specialized services into primary care settings. To date, few programs have successfully achieved this. OBJECTIVE OF PROGRAM To integrate specialized mental health services into the offices of(More)
The Hamilton Health Service Organization Nutrition Program integrates nine registered dietitians (RDs) into the offices of 80 family physicians (FPs) at 50 sites in Hamilton, Ontario. The program is based on a shared care model, in which FPs and RDs work collaboratively to provide nutrition services aimed at prevention, treatment, and management of(More)
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