Sarena Jacob

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A light microscopic morphometric analysis of the development of the mouse submandibular gland has been carried out from birth up to the age of 6 weeks. At birth the bulk of the gland consists of approximately equal volume proportions of acinar, terminal tubule and non-secretory cells. The granular convoluted tubule is absent at birth. The neonatal female(More)
  • S Jacob
  • 1977
The regeneration of the islets of Langerhans in the guinea pig was studied after intravenous injection of alloxan. A number of beta cells in the islets was destroyed within 24h after alloxan, but after 48h there was a rapid proliferation of the surviving cells of the islets. This depended on the dosage of the drug as well as the timing. Electron microscopy(More)
Lipid droplet accumulation (LDA) in the myocardium in the different regions of the mouse heart was studied after varying periods of starvation. LDA appeared as early as 6 h and remained even after 72 h of starvation. Higher grades of LDA were seen in the left atrium and right ventricle. Females showed a higher degree of infiltration than males. The possible(More)