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Variable selection serves a dual purpose in statistical classification problems: it enables one to identify the input variables which separate the groups well, and a classification rule based on these variables frequently has a lower error rate than the rule based on all the input variables. Kernel Fisher discriminant analysis (KFDA) is a recently proposed(More)
During the last five years 140 biopsies of the lung or pleura have been performed with a highspeed air-drill. A specially designed trephine, 21 mm. in bore, proved effective in obtaining adequate specimens from patients with diffuse lung lesions. With this method 111 out of 119 (93 %) consecutive lung biopsies were successful in producing specimens of lung(More)
The distribution of disease has been studied in 10 patients with histologically confirmed cryptogenic fibrosing alveolitis by means of computed tomography of the lungs, gallium 67 uptake scintigraphy, and ventilation and perfusion scintigraphy. The findings of computed tomography and scintigraphy showed no correlation with the UICC/Cincinnati grades of the(More)