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Epidermal neural crest stem cells (EPI-NCSCs) in the bulge of hair follicles are a promising source for cell-replacement therapies in neurodegenerative diseases. A prominent factor in cell-based therapy is the practicalities of different routes of administration. Cerebrospinal fluid (CSF), owing to its adaptive library of secreted growth factors, can(More)
Insulin-like growth factor-1 (IGF-1) is a potent neurotrophic factor that promotes the proliferation, migration and differentiation of glial and neuronal cells. IGF-1 can also protect neurons from undergoing apoptotic cell death. IGF-1 is produced by the choroid plexus, located in the ventricles. Knowledge of embryonic CSF composition at different(More)
Recent improvements in organotypic slice culturing and its accompanying technological innovations have made this biological preparation increasingly useful ex vivo experimental model. Among organotypic slice cultures obtained from various central nervous regions, spinal cord slice culture is an absorbing model that represents several unique advantages over(More)
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he role of the cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) as a transport medium for biologically and behaviorally active hormones, drugs, and other such molecules has become increasingly evident over the past decade. It is a good sample for the reflection of biological changes inside the brain (1). Several studies have utilized different methods for collecting the CSF from(More)
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