Sarayu Krishnamoorthy

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The biological transformation of lignocellulose of Achras zapota by white rot fungi, Phanerochaete chrysosporium, in solid state fermentation (SSF) was studied for 28 days. The kinetic transformation of lignocellulose was monitored through the determination of acid soluble and acid insoluble lignin content, total organic carbon (TOC) and chemical oxygen(More)
This article presents details of the experimental studies carried out on cement mortar using Bacillus cereus and Bacillus pasteurii in different cell concentrations. Test results showed that the addition of bacterial cultures of both species, enhanced the compressive strength of cement mortar due to the bio-mineralization of calcium carbonate in the cement(More)
Agricultural waste being the major solid waste in the environment, the study has explored and identified the presence of minerals especially silica in the agricultural waste like sugarcane bagasse ash and rice husk ash by carbonization on combustion at different thermal conditions and biodegradation. Presence of silica in the ash samples has been well(More)
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