Saravut Yaipairoj

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Dynamic pricing has been used as an effective means to alleviate network congestion in mobile networks. It is potentially capable of gaining higher revenue over the fixed pricing scheme. However, the dynamic pricing scheme fails to provide user satisfaction since there is absolutely no guarantee that, during the time of congestion, users could get the(More)
As wireless services have become increasingly integrated and their demand is mounting, Wi-Fi provides an appealing opportunity for the GSM/GPRS operators to enhance their data capability. By integrating both networks, operators are able to provide 3G-like services. However, both networks have different data rates and capacity, which makes pricing a(More)
In a wireless environment, the impairment of communication channels can affect significantly the performance of broadband wireless system. This paper presents an analytical model on the performance of a GSM/GPRS system with channel impairment. The model incorporates the interfering effects causing by the bit error rate of affected channels and the(More)
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