Saravanan Prabhu Nadarajan

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BACKGROUND Omega hydroxy fatty acids (ω-OHFAs) are multifunctional compounds that act as the basis for the production of various industrial products with broad commercial and pharmaceutical implications. However, the terminal oxygenation of saturated or unsaturated fatty acids for the synthesis of ω-OHFAs is intricate to accomplish through chemocatalysis,(More)
To enzymatically synthesize enantiomerically pure β-amino acids from β-keto nitriles using nitrilase and ω-transaminase. An enzyme cascade system was designed where in β-keto nitriles are initially hydrolyzed to β-keto acids using nitrilase from Bradyrhizobium japonicum and subsequently β-keto acids were converted to β-amino acids using ω-transaminases.(More)
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