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Effect of substances altering the metabolism of endogenous serotonin on mitotic activity in the regenerating liver of mice
The serotonin (S) precursor 5-hydroxytryptophan and MAO inhibitor o-chlorpargyline injected alone or combined increase the endogenous S level in the regenerating liver and stimulate mitotic activity.Expand
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The effect of lithium oxybutyrate on the circadian rhythms of the activity and body temperature of rats maintained under different light regimens
: The chronobiological properties of lithium hydroxybutrate were studied in the open field test at the preventive administration of the drug to rats (7 days, 10 mg/kg daily subcutaneously) kept underExpand
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Efficiency of Siberian pine oil in complex treating of people ill with benign hypertension
: For people ill with benign hypertension and going through basis hypotensive therapy, taking in Siberian pine nut oil as much as 17,5 g per day, is accompanied by cholesterol-lessening effect,Expand
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Effect of lithium hydroxybutyrate on cortical and subcortical excitability in rabbits
Microinjections of lithium hydroxybutyrate (10 μg/μl) had a depriming action on spontaneous cortical and subcortical electrical activity. The compound reduced the excitability of the motor cortex,Expand