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Driver drowsiness and loss of vigilance are a major cause of road accidents. Monitoring physiological signals while driving provides the possibility of detecting and warning of drowsiness and fatigue. The aim of this paper is to maximize the amount of drowsiness-related information extracted from a set of electroencephalogram (EEG), electrooculogram (EOG),(More)
— Lane detection in urban environments is a challenging task. That is mainly due to the non existence of unique models, poor quality of lane markings due to wear, occlusions due to the presence of traffic and complex road geometry. In this work we present a novel lane detection and tracking algorithm for urban road scenarios based on weak models, which is(More)
— Most of the lane marking detection algorithms reported in the literature are suitable for highway scenarios. This paper presents a novel clustered particle filter based approach to lane detection, which is suitable for urban streets in normal traffic conditions. Furthermore, a quality measure for the detection is calculated as a measure of reliability.(More)
— Scene classification is a fundamental perception task for environmental understanding in today's robotics. In this paper, we have attempted to exploit the use of popular machine learning technique of deep learning to enhance scene understanding, particularly in robotics applications. As scene images have larger diversity than the iconic object images, it(More)
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—The number of road accident related fatalities and damages are reduced substantially by improving road infrastructure and enacting and imposing laws. Further reduction is possible through embedding intelligence onto the vehicles for safe decision making. Road boundary information plays a major role in developing such intelligent vehicles. A prominent(More)