Sarat Chandra Dass

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Situations with incomplete multivariate spatial data on a lattice are considered. The goal is to impute the missing data in the presence of edges or boundaries and recover the image. Two methods based on Bayesian hierarchical models that iterate between edge detection and spatial smoothing to impute the missing data within identified homogeneous regions are(More)
Segmentation is the basic and important step for digital image analysis and understanding. Segmentation of acne lesions in the visual spectrum of light is very challenging due to factors such as varying skin tones due to ethnicity, camera calibration and the lighting conditions. In this approach the color image is transformed into various color spaces. The(More)
A Receiver Operating Characteristic (ROC) curve reflects the performance of a system which decides between two competing actions in a test of statistical hypothesis. This paper addresses the inference on ROC curves for the following problem: how can one statistically validate the performance of a system with a claimed ROC curve, ROC 0 say? Our proposed(More)
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