Sarat Babu Moka

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Multiclass open queueing networks find wide applications in communication, computer, and fabrication networks. Steady-state performance measures associated with these networks is often a topic of interset. Conceptually, under mild conditions, a sequence of regeneration times exists in multiclass networks, making them amenable to regenerative simulation for(More)
Conceptually, under restrictions, multiclass open queueing networks are positive Harris recurrent Markov processes, making them amenable to regenerative simulation for estimating the steady-state performance measures. However, regenerations in such networks are difficult to identify when the interarrival times are generally distributed. We assume that the(More)
We consider spatial marked Poisson arrivals in a Polish space. These arrivals are accepted or lost in a general state dependent manner. The accepted arrivals remain in the system for a random amount of time, where the individual sojourn times are i.i.d. For such systems, we develop semi-closed form expressions for the steady state probabilities that can be(More)
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