Saraswathi Janaki

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Heterocysts isolated from Anabaena variabilis incorporate [14C]leucine and [35S]methionine into trichloroacetic acid-precipitable material in the light. Analysis by polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis shows that the radioactivity is present in polypeptides of discrete sizes. However, the relative proportions of different proteins synthesized by isolated(More)
The future mobile communication system will be distinguished by high integration of services, flexibility and higher throughput. Thus, the rapid growth in traffic volume and increase in new services has begun to change the configuration and structure of wireless networks. In the past, WiMAX has gained lot of interest for providing broadband communication.(More)
Aglaia roxburghiana is a traditional remedy for a variety of diseases. The ethanolic extract of the leaves was screened for related activities were upon it exhibited significant anti-inflammatory activity in rats in acute and chronic models. There was no acute toxicity in mice upto 2g/kg. The extract protected the mast cell deregulation by compound 48/80(More)
The paper presents real time speckle de-noising based on activity computation algorithm and wavelet transform. Speckles arise in an image when laser light is reflected from an illuminated surface. The process involves detection of speckles in an image by obtaining a number of frames of the same object under different illumination or angle and comparing the(More)
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