Sarasuaty Megume Hayashi Yelisetty

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The term Model-Based Development (MBD) is typically used to describe software development approaches in which models of software systems are created and systematically transformed to concrete implementations. In this paper, due to the increase of MBD utilization, an overview of how models can be used to specify software low-level requirements is provided to(More)
This paper describes an experiment of integrating three courses at the Brazilian Aeronautics Institute of Technology, within the Electronic and Computer Engineering Graduate Program on the 1st semester of 2011. A smart grids system was used as a Problem Based Learning (PBL) strategy together with an agile method and best practices within a project developed(More)
Complex products, such as an aircraft, require a large number of software projects developed in parallel. The development of airborne software, using the DO-178C, is a challenge and metrics can help the evaluation and adherence. This paper provides a summary of master thesis approved in the Brazilian Aeronautics Institute of Technology. The thesis proposes(More)
This paper summarizes the preliminary aspects of a doctoral research that has been conducted at the Brazilian Aeronautics Institute of Technology (ITA). This research has the objective of developing the CARD-RM, a Certifiable, Agile, Reusable, and Disciplined Reference Model for airborne software. It aims to define a generic model that can be instantiated(More)
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