Saranya Mony

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BACKGROUND Calcium sodium phosphosilicate (NovaMin) is an agent that is claimed to release calcium and phosphate ions intraorally to help the self-repair process of enamel. It is used extensively as a desensitizing agent, but the chemical reactions that occur may promote apatite formation enhancing remineralization. The present study was undertaken to(More)
Anterior crossbite occurring during the primary dentition stage needs immediate correction so that functional, aesthetic and skeletal complications may be avoided in the future. This article describes a fixed appliance with an expansion screw that was successfully used for the treatment of primary anterior crossbite. Crossbite correction was achieved in(More)
The administration of local anesthesiais potentially the most anxious aspect of the dental procedure for children. A comfortable local anasthetic experience can lay the foundation for the development of a positive attitude towards dental treatment. Though, it is a well-known fact thatNitrous oxide-Oxygen(N2O– O2)sedation is an excellent adjunct to lessen(More)
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