Saranatra Waikakul

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This prospective study was carried out to assess motor and sensory recovery after contralateral C7 root to median nerve neurotization in brachial plexus injuries with total root avulsions. The survey was carried out from 1993 to 1995 and the patients were followed up for at least 3 years. There were 96 male patients with ages ranging from 13 to 48 years.(More)
To find out the influencing factors of the immediate and late outcome of replantation and revascularization of the digits the study was carried out as a prospective survey research during 1983 to 1995 with at least 2 year follow up. Traumatic total or subtotal amputation with inadequate circulation of the digits distal to the metacarpal head were included(More)
To find out the clinical effects of methylcobalamin on the conservative treatment of degenerative lumbar spinal stenosis, the study was carried out as a control single blind trial with 2 year follow-up in 152 patients, 68 males and 84 females, whose ages ranged from 55 to 85 years, average 67 +/- 18.1 years. They were randomly allocated into 2 groups, the(More)
To find out the improvement of joint position sense after total knee arthroplasty with patellar resurfacing compared to total knee arthoplasty without patellar resurfacing, the study was carried out as a randomised parallel trial in patients who had stage III and IV primary osteoarthrosis of only 1 side of the knee with a 2 year follow-up. Twenty-one(More)
We retrospectively studied the functional and oncological results of 15 patients after reconstruction of the distal radius with osteoarticular allograft or non-vascularised fibular graft following wide excision of an aggressive benign or malignant tumour. Eight patients underwent osteoarticular allograft and seven patients had a non-vascularised autogenous(More)
This study was performed to compare the clinical outcome of 2 types of commonly used nerve transfers, the spinal accessory nerve transfer and the intercostal nerve transfer. This study was a prospective randomized parallel trial involving 205 patients presenting between 1989 and 1994. All patients were males ranging in age from 16 to 43 years. All patients(More)
The present study evaluates the outcomes and prognostic factors in patients with soft-tissue sarcomas of the extremities, trunk, head and neck region. A retrospective study of 104 patients who underwent treatment was conducted on 48 males and 56 females with a mean age of 44.5 years (range, 10-85 years). Seventy-eight patients had high-grade sarcomas and(More)
PURPOSE To evaluate treatment outcomes in primary malignant periacetabular bone tumour removal and limb salvage with or without bone-graft reconstruction. METHODS A total of 13 patients were treated for malignant periacetabular bone tumours at Siriraj Hospital, Bangkok, Thailand. The diagnoses were chondrosarcoma (n=8), Ewing's sarcoma (n=2), osteosarcoma(More)
To improve the accuracy of pinning at the iliac crest during external fixation of the pelvic fracture, an aiming device has been designed. The device consists of 3 parts: a sleeve which accommodates a 5.0 Shanz pin, a handle and guide points. The guide points were designed to grasp the iliac crest to allow proper pin fixation. The device has undergone(More)
We performed a prospective study in 186 patients with a minimum follow-up of two years in order to attempt to predict successful major re-implantation of the upper limb. There were 137 men and 49 women with 24 amputations of the palm, 75 of the wrist, 50 of the forearm, 9 disarticulations through the elbow, and 28 amputations through the upper arm. The(More)