Saranatra Waikakul

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This prospective study was carried out to assess motor and sensory recovery after contralateral C7 root to median nerve neurotization in brachial plexus injuries with total root avulsions. The survey was carried out from 1993 to 1995 and the patients were followed up for at least 3 years. There were 96 male patients with ages ranging from 13 to 48 years.(More)
Four types of commonly used instruments, 1) external fixation, 2) tension wiring, 3) tension band wiring, and 4) single superior plating, for anterior stabilization of the diastasis pubic symphysis were tested for their mechanical properties under single load to failure in cadaveric pelvis by a universal testing machine. Three directions of loading,(More)
Dhamma, which Lord Buddha has presented to people after his enlightenment, analyzes every phenomenon and objects into their ultimate elements. The explanation of sensory system is also found in a part of Dhamma named Abhidhammapitaka, the Book of the Higher Doctrine in Buddhism. To find out the relationship between explanation of pain in the present(More)
BACKGROUND Foot injury was common as a result of the Bangkok flood of 2011. In the future, this type of injury should be prevented to lessen the burden during a disaster. OBJECTIVES The study was performed to ascertain what type of footwear is appropriate for volunteer rescue workers during a flood. MATERIAL AND METHODS The study was carried out during(More)
We report the case of a patient with chondrosarcoma involving the right pelvis and contralateral pubic area in a 45-year-old male who underwent an extensive internal hemipelvectomy without bony reconstruction. We demonstrate the technique of using polypropylene mesh graft for soft-tissue reconstruction. Follow-up at 7.5 years showed a good oncological and(More)
PURPOSE To study the course of L4 to S3 nerve roots and their distance with the ala of the sacrum and the sacroiliac joint. METHODS The embalmed left half pelvis of 25 male and 27 female cadavers aged 30 to 91 (mean, 68) years were studied. The ventral rami of the L4, L5, S1, S2, and S3 nerve roots were dissected along their courses from the corresponding(More)
PURPOSE To compare the length and strength of fascia latae after gamma sterilisation and different durations of deep-freezing. METHODS 50 pieces of fresh porcine fascia latae were randomly divided into 5 groups. Group 1 acted as controls, which were not gamma irradiated and deep-frozen. In groups 2 to 4, fascia latae were incubated in phosphate buffer(More)
PURPOSE To compare the survival of human fibroblasts in freeze-dried irradiated platelets, fresh concentrated platelets, or foetal bovine serum. METHODS 3, 10, 30, and 100 micrograms protein/ml of freeze-dried irradiated platelets or fresh concentrated platelets, or 5%, 15%, and 50% of foetal bovine serum were each added to the culture medium with human(More)
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