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Treatment of [Cu2(dcpm)2]Y2 (dcpm = bis(dicyclohexylphosphino)methane, Y = ClO4-, BF4-, PF6-, CF3SO3-) with refluxing MeOH in the presence of KOH afforded hydride complexes [Cu3(dcpm)3(mu3-H)]Y2 (1)(More)
[Ru(VI)(TMP)(NSO2R)2] (SO2R = Ms, Ts, Bs, Cs, Ns; R = p-C6H4OMe, p-C6H4Me, C6H5, p-C6H4Cl, p-C6H4NO2, respectively) and [Ru(VI)(Por)(NTs)2] (Por = 2,6-Cl2TPP, F20-TPP) were prepared by the reactions(More)
Reactions of dioxoruthenium(VI) porphyrins, [Ru(VI)O2(Por)], with p-chloroaniline, trimethylamine, tert-butylamine, p-nitroaniline, and diphenylamine afforded bis(amine)ruthenium(II) porphyrins,(More)
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