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ADAMTS5 is a member of the A Disintegrin-like And Metalloproteinase with ThromboSpondin motifs (ADAMTS) family of secreted metalloproteinases with multiple proteoglycan substrates. Although well characterized for its role in cartilage degradation and arthritis, how it influences cancer remains unclear. We have previously shown that the first thrombospondin(More)
INTRODUCTION Zoledronic acid (ZOL), a nitrogen-containing bisphosphonate, is a potent inhibitor of farnesyl-pyrophosphate synthase with poor in vitro cytotoxic activity as a result of its limited diffusion into tumor cells. The purpose of this study was to investigate whether liposomes targeted to the folate receptor (FR) can effectively deliver ZOL to(More)
The metalloproteinase ADAMTS4 (ADAMTS, a disintegrin-like and metalloproteinase with thrombospondin motif)/aggrecanase-1 is highly expressed in cartilage and has been implicated in human arthritis. Although abundantly expressed in many types of cancer, its role in cancer remains unknown. In this work, we demonstrate for the first time that full-length(More)
Atherosclerosis is a chronic inflammatory disease characterized by formation of lipid-rich plaques on the inner walls of arteries. ADAMTS4 (a disintegrin-like and metalloproteinase with thrombospondin motifs-4) is a secreted proteinase that regulates versican turnover in the arterial wall and atherosclerotic plaques. Recent reports indicated elevated(More)
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