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Rheumatic fever is common in India and the incidence has not shown the declining trends seen in the developed countries. Two-thirds of children with rheumatic fever are school aged (5-15 years of age). However, rheumatic fever does occur in children < 5 years of age and it is believed that younger children are more likely to have carditis and arthritis and(More)
A rapid sensitive and specific reverse passive haemagglutination test (RPHA) was developed for the detection of Japanese encephalitis virus (JEV) antigens in human cerebrospinal fluid (CSF). Sheep red cells were sensitized with five monoclonal antibodies (109, 112, 203, 204 and 301) reactive with envelope glycoprotein of JEV. Viral antigens were detected in(More)
Objective The current study was carried out to assess the efficacy of immunoprophylaxis with Hepatitis B immunoglobulin given at birth and three doses of HBV vaccine at 0, 6 weeks and 6 months in prevention of transmission of HBV from HBsAg-positive mothers to their infants [1]. Material and Methods The study was conducted in a teaching hospital in Chennai,(More)
INTRODUCTION The presentation of symptoms of paediatric arrhythmias vary depending on the age and underlying heart disease. Physical examination of children with important arrhythmias may be entirely normal. AIM Aim is to study the characteristics of cardiac arrhythmias in paediatric patients in a tertiary paediatric care centre in Chennai, India. (More)
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