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Pseudomalignant osseous tumor of soft tissues is a rare tumor of the hand. Histopathologic differentiation of this benign lesion from malignant lesions is difficult because mitotic figures are common in typical cases, but bizarre pleomorphic and hyperchromatic nuclei never occur. Wide excision is adequate in most cases, but ray resection is indicated when(More)
A case of metastasis to the patella from adenocarcinoma of the lung is reported. The clinical presentation was similar to septic arthritis of the knee. Histopathologic examination established the metastatic nature of the lesion; this is the first case in which a patellar lesion was the only evidence of distant metastasis. Metastatic tumors of the patella(More)
We reviewed 13 cases of osteochondritis dissecans of the patella followed-up for 18 months to 19 years. Two were treated conservatively with excellent results, and 11 by operation with six excellent, four good and one fair result. There was complete radiographic healing of the defect in 10 cases and partial healing in three. The size of the osteochondritic(More)
Primary musculoskeletal myoepithelial tumors (METs) are distinctly rare tumors and are being increasingly recognized as a result of improved diagnostic criteria and objective confirmation with immunohistochemical markers, including epithelial markers. Recent studies have unraveled distinct molecular mechanisms underlying these tumors. Herein, we present our(More)
BACKGROUND The microscopic features of medullary carcinoma have been described in world literature, together with its behavior and molecular biology. However, no large study has been reported from India. AIMS This study aims to analyse the clinical, and especially the pathological features of medullary carcinoma of the thyroid, and the surrounding(More)
BACKGROUND During the past decade, the incidence of EGFR mutation has been shown to vary across different ethnicities. It occurs at the rate of 10-15% in North Americans and Europeans, 19% in African-Americans, 20-30% in various East Asian series including Chinese, Koreans, and Japanese. Frequency of EGFR mutations in India however remains sparsely(More)
Pleuropulmonary synovial sarcoma is a rare malignancy that often presents like any other thoracic tumor with symptoms such as chest pain or cough. Here we describe 4 young adults who underwent surgery for apparently benign recurrent pneumothoraces and who, unexpectedly, were found upon histologic and molecular examination of the resection specimen to have(More)
Diagnosis was confirmed of 10 extensor digitorum brevis manus muscles in 7 patients. The muscle is located on the dorsum of the hand, just distal to the wrist. It is most prominent with the wrist flexed to 30 degrees and the fingers fully extended. We propose that pain in the extensor digitorum brevis manus muscle is due to compression of the muscle in the(More)
Extra-articular tenosynovial osteochondromatosis in the hand rarely occurs. A case of tenosynovial osteochondromatosis of the extensor tendon of the digit is reported. None of the cases reported in the literature have involved the extensor aspect of the digits. A possible explanation for the paucity of this lesion in relation to the extensor tendons of the(More)