Saraju P. Mohanty

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The growth of computer networks has boosted the growth of the information technology sector to a greater extent. There is a trend to move from conventional libraries to digital libraries. In the digital libraries images and texts are made available through the internet for scholarly research. At the same time care is taken to prevent the unauthorized use of(More)
This article presents a novel invisible robust watermarking scheme for embedding and extracting a digital watermark in an image. The novelty lies in determining a perceptually important subimage in the host image. Invisible insertion of the watermark is performed in the most significant region of the host image such that tampering of that portion with an(More)
The growth of high speed computer networks and that of Internet, in particular, has explored means of new business, scientific, entertainment, and social opportunities. Ironically, the cause for the growth is also of the apprehension use of digital formatted data. Digital media offer several distinct advantages over analog media, such as high quality, easy(More)
Achieving lightning fast speed data communication in Chip Multi Processor (CMP) based systems as well as Networkon Chips (NoCs) is always desired for target performance. Data communication links inside the communication fabric of CMP or NoC architectures have strong impact on their performance and power dissipation. Several approaches exist to reduce power(More)
Research in digital watermarking is mature. Several software implementations of watermarking algorithms are described in the literature, but few attempts have been made to describe hardware implementations. The ultimate objective of the research presented in this paper was to develop low-power, highperformance, real-time, reliable and secure watermarking(More)
Lowering supply voltage is an effective technique for power reduction in memory design, however traditional memory cell design fails to operate, as shown in [3], [10], at ultra-low voltages. Therefore, to operate cells in the subthreshold regime, new cell structures needs to be explored. Towards this, we present a single-ended I/O (SEIO) bit-line latch(More)
Low power, minimum transistor count and fast access static random access memory (SRAM) is essential for embedded multimedia and communication applications realized using system on a chip (SoC) technology. Hence, simultaneous or parallel read/write (R/W) access multi-port SRAM bitcells are widely employed in such embedded systems. In this paper, we present a(More)
Watermarking is the process that embeds data called a watermark, tag or label into a multimedia object, such as images, video or text for their copyright protection. According to human perception, the digital watermarks can either be visible or invisible. A visible watermark is a secondary translucent image overlaid into the primary image and appears(More)