Sarah Zureick

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Niger—with the world’s fastest growing population, its highest total fertility rate (TFR), a small and diminishing amount of arable land, low annual rainfall, a high level of malnutrition, extremely low levels of education, gross gender inequities and an uncertain future in the face of climate change—is the most extreme example of a catastrophe that is(More)
Mortality estimates for many populations are derived using model life tables, which describe typical age patterns of human mortality. We propose a new system of model life tables as a means of improving the quality and transparency of such estimates. A flexible two-dimensional model was fitted to a collection of life tables from the Human Mortality(More)
We describe a combined HPLC-RIA technique to measure both major metabolites of prostacyclin (PGI2): 6-keto PGF1 alpha and 2,3-dinor-6 keto PGF1 alpha. The measurement of the former, which originates from renal blood vessels, and the latter, from systemic vessels and the liver, may provide a better overall evaluation of production than measurement of one(More)
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