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Comparison of Journal Citation Reports and Scopus Impact Factors for Ecology and Environmental Sciences Journals
Impact factors for journals listed under the subject categories "ecology" and "environmental sciences" in the Journal Citation Reports database were calculated using citation data from the Scopus database. Expand
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Recent literature on lichens—231
Agnan, Y., N. Sejalon-Delmas & A. Probst. 2013. Comparing early twentieth century and present-day atmospheric pollution in SW France: A story of lichens. Environmental Pollution 172: 139–148.Expand
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Recent literature on lichens—238
Alatalo, J. M., A. K. Jagerbrand & U. Molau. 2014. Climate change and climatic events: community-, functionaland species-level responses of bryophytes and lichens to constant, stepwise, and pulseExpand
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Recent literature on lichens—224
Alpsoy, L., A. Asian, E. Kotan, G. Agar & M. Anar. 2011. Protective role of two lichens in human lymphocytes in vitro. Fresenius Environmental Bulletin 20(7): 1661–1666. Aptroot, A. 2011. Mossen enExpand
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Recent literature on lichens—223
Agboke, A. A. & C. O. Esimone. 2011. Antimicrobial evaluation of the interaction between methanol extract of the lichen, Ramalina farinacea (Ramalinacea) [sic; ‘‘Ramalinaceae’’] and Ampicilin againstExpand
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Recent literature on lichens—230
Aptroot, A. 2012. Changes in the epiphytic flora on four Tilia trees in Belgium over 59 years. Herzogia 25(1): 39–45. Aptroot, A. 2012. Lichens of St. Helena. SCES Publications, Kew. 116 pp. Aptroot,Expand
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Recent literature on lichens—236
Agnello, G. 2014. Compte rendu de l’assemblee generale ordinaire de l’Association francaise de lichenologie du 27 fevrier 2014 a Fontainebleau [Minutes of the Ordinary General Meeting of the FrenchExpand
Recent literature on lichens—234
Biazrov, L. G. 2010. Epiphytic lichens of the Northern District of Moscow (within the limits of the Moscow Ringway). Bjulleten' Moskovskogo Obscestva Ispytatelej Prirody. Otdel Biologiceskij 115(5):Expand
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Recent literature on lichens—222
Allen, C. D. 2010. Biogeomorphology and biological soil crusts: A symbiotic research relationship. Geomorphologie: relief, processus, environnement 4: 347–358. [Allen explains that lichens may beExpand
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Recent literature on lichens—232
Abed, R. M. M., P. Lam, D. De Beer & P. Stief. 2013. High rates of denitrification and nitrous oxide emission in arid biological soil crusts from the Sultanate of Oman. ISME Journal 7(9): 1862–1875.Expand
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