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Neuropilins are expressed in tumors vasculature and cells. Their expression is thought to be correlated with tumor angiogenesis and progression. In this study, we analyzed NRP-1 expression level in 40 acute leukemia patients [20 acute myeloid leukemia (AML) and 20 acute lymphoblastic leukemia (ALL)] and 10 healthy controls using Real-Time Quantitative(More)
2[5(4-Chlorophenyl)pentyl]oxirane-2-carbonyl-CoA (POCA-CoA) was prepared 2[a5(4-chlorophenyl)pentyl]oxirane-2-carboxylate (POCA) and characterised chromatographically. POCA-CoA does not inhibit citrate cycle oxidations or effect oxidative phosphorylation by rat liver mitochondria. POCA-CoA at low (microM) concentrations, but not free POCA-, specifically(More)
Ethyl 2[5(4-chlorophenyl)pentyl]oxirane-2-carboxylate (POCA) is strongly hypoglycaemic in fasted normal and diabetic rats [H. P. O. Wolf, K. Eistetter and G. Ludwig, Diabetologia 22, 456 (1982)]. POCA was fed for 12 weeks to rats on a standard low-fat (3%) diet at levels of 0.05% and 0.2% to give daily intakes of about 50 and 200 mg/per kg body-wt(More)
The emergence of inexpensive and flexible 3D digitization tools and technologies and of increasingly easy to use and intuitive 3D editing software, as well as affordable and accessible 3D printing, has lowered the bar for creative engagement with the museum through digital 3D activities. Museums are increasingly making 3D models from their collections(More)
1. Intralipid is a suitable substrate for measuring lipoprotein lipase activity in the presence of other triacylglycerol lipases in heart and myocytes. 2. Triacylglycerol lipase activity in heart and myocytes was increased 10-fold in the presence of serum at pH 7.4 and 8.1. The serum-stimulated activity in myocytes was 95% inhibited by saturating(More)
The effects of somatostatin on basal and hormone-mediated rates of glycogenesis were studied in isolated rat hepatocytes. Somatostatin (1.5 X 10(-11) - 1.5 X 10(-8) M) had no effect on glycogen synthesis in the presence of 30 mM glucose and did not overcome a glucagon (1.5 X 10(-10) M)-induced inhibition of glycogenesis.
The hydrolysis in vitro of preactivated Intralipid (an artificial triacylglycerol-phospholipid emulsion) by rat adipose tissue lipoprotein lipase is inhibited by rat high-density lipoprotein (HDL). The aim of this work was to investigate whether human lipoprotein lipase was also inhibited, the mechanism of inhibition of the rat enzyme by HDL, and the role(More)
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