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Recommendations for the Treatment of Knee Osteoarthritis, Using Various Therapy Techniques, Based on Categorizations of a Literature Review
Purpose: This literature review is to evaluate current research articles pertinent to physical therapy treatment of osteoarthritis (OA) of the knee. Osteoarthritis of the knee is an increasinglyExpand
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Adapting the nominal group technique for priority setting of evidence-practice gaps in implementation science
BackgroundThere are a variety of methods for priority setting in health research but few studies have addressed how to prioritise the gaps that exist between research evidence and clinical practice.Expand
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Alienists, Attendants and the Containment of Suicide in Public Lunatic Asylums, 1845–1890
Suicidal lunatics were only one patient group among several that alienists and asylum attendants had to care for, but the danger and risk associated with suicide made them one of the more difficultExpand
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Closing evidence‐practice gaps in lung cancer: Results from multi‐methods priority setting in the clinical context
To establish priorities for implementation research to reduce evidence‐practice gaps in lung cancer care.
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Itineraries and Experiences of Insanity: Irish Migration and the Management of Mental Illness in Nineteenth-Century Lancashire
The Irish and Irish migrants have been depicted as particularly prone to mental illness and institutionalisation in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries on a global scale.1 Yet there has been onlyExpand
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Suicide, lunacy and the asylum in nineteenth-century England
Suicidal patients constituted a significant proportion of the annual admissions to nineteenth-century public lunatic asylums. They formed a distinct patient category that required treatment andExpand
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Defining success factors to describe coordinated care in cancer.
Providing coordinated care remains a challenge for cancer services globally. There is a lack of consensus in the literature about what constitutes successful coordinated care. This study aimed toExpand
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Itineraries and Experiences of Insanity