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The blink reflex may be evoked by auditory click or light stimulation, the latter being constantly present in all healthy subjects. The latency and amplitude of the light-stimulus-evoked blink response (L-BR) is influenced by the light intensity, distance between the light stimulus and the eye, attention, and background facilitation. The L-BR was abnormal(More)
The relative importance of ischaemic and direct mechanical injury to nerves compressed by a tourniquet, in the pathogenesis of tourniquet paralysis in man has not been established. To investigate this question, conduction in ulnar or median nerve fibres has been measured in healthy subjects both at the level of the pneumatic tourniquet and distal to the(More)
Trains of 100 to 200 stimuli result in F discharges from less than one half of motor units of hand muscles. The maximum observed F discharge frequency was 10%. There was no relation between the surface voltage of motor unit potentials and the frequency of F discharge. The motor unit potentials of larger surface voltage were recruited at higher stimulus(More)
BACKGROUND Clinical laboratory reference intervals have not been established in many African countries, and non-local intervals are commonly used in clinical trials to screen and monitor adverse events (AEs) among African participants. Using laboratory reference intervals derived from other populations excludes potential trial volunteers in Africa and makes(More)
At late stages of median nerve entrapment in the carpal tunnel there may be total denervation of the thenar muscles. Surface electrodes over the thenar endplate zone may record an initial and predominantly positive "M" response to supramaximal median nerve stimulation. By a combination of techniques, it has been established that this surface positive(More)
BACKGROUND An understanding of the health of potential volunteers in Africa is essential for the safe and efficient conduct of clinical trials, particularly for trials of preventive technologies such as vaccines that enroll healthy individuals. Clinical safety laboratory values used for screening, enrolment and follow-up of African clinical trial volunteers(More)
The reflex contraction of the masseter muscles to the stretch imposed by a tap on the chin is a monosynaptic reflex. This reflex contraction of the master muscles was present in all control subjects but commonly absent in definite multiple sclerosis (MS) patients. In a few MS patients the latency was prolonged. Abnormalities in the jaw jerk, however, were(More)
A computer-assisted method of isolating single motor units (MUs) by multiple point stimulation (MPS) of peripheral nerves is described. MPS was used to isolate 10-30 single MUs from thenar and hypothenar muscles of normal subjects and patients with entrapment neuropathies, with the original purpose of obtaining a more representative mean motor unit(More)