Sarah Yardley

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We tested the efficacy, stability and predictors of outcome of unilateral pallidotomy used to treat patients with Parkinson's disease inadequately controlled with pharmacotherapy (IP). The surgical procedure was as simple as possible; we used CT rather than MRI, and we omitted microelectrode recording. We studied 24 patients with IP; 22 of these patients(More)
Unilateral pallidotomy has gained popularity in treating the motor symptoms of Parkinson's disease. We present the results of a 2-year post-pallidotomy follow-up study. Using the Unified Parkinson's Disease Rating Scale (UPDRS), the Goetz dyskinesia scale and the Purdue Pegboard Test (PPBT), we evaluated 20 patients at regular intervals both off and on(More)
Healthcare professionals express difficulties in delivering spiritual care, despite it being a core component of palliative care national policies. The patient perspective on professional training to address difficulties has not previously been sought. The aim of this study is to describe patient suggestions for development of training to deliver spiritual(More)
BACKGROUND Lung and colorectal cancer are common and have high UK mortality rates. Early diagnosis is important in reducing cancer mortality, but the literature on lung and colorectal cancers suggests many people wait for a considerable time before presenting symptoms. OBJECTIVE To gain in-depth understanding of patients' interpretations of symptoms of(More)
BACKGROUND People are increasingly living for longer with multimorbidity. Medical education and healthcare delivery must be re-orientated to meet the societal and individual patient needs that multimorbidity confers. The impact of multimorbidity on the educational needs of doctors is little understood. There has been little critique of how learning(More)
BACKGROUND Multimorbidity is increasingly prevalent but, aside from epidemiological work, the impact on associated provision of healthcare and/or education is little understood. For example, it is unclear how or why healthcare interventions meet (or do not meet) people's multiple needs. Professionals working in primary care training sites must reconcile two(More)
BACKGROUND Theoretical integration is a necessary element of study design if clarification of experiential learning is to be achieved. There are few published examples demonstrating how this can be achieved. AIMS This methodological article provides a worked example of research methodology that achieved clarification of authentic early experiences (AEEs)(More)
OBJECTIVES With the advent of new antiparkinsonian drug therapy and promising results from subthalamic and pallidal stimulation, this study evaluated the long term efficacy of unilateral pallidotomy, a technique which has gained popularity over the past decade for the management of advanced Parkinson's disease. METHODS The 15 patients reported here are(More)
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