Sarah Wu

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Although lesion studies over the past several decades have focused on functional dissociations in posterior parietal cortex (PPC) during arithmetic, no consistent view has emerged of its differential involvement in addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. To circumvent problems with poor anatomical localization, we examined functional overlap(More)
Reading disability (RD) and math disability (MD) frequently co-occur, but the etiology of this comorbidity is not well understood. Groups with RD only (N = 241), MD only (N = 183), and RD + MD (N = 188) and a control group with neither disorder (N = 411) completed a battery of measures of internalizing and externalizing psychopathology, social and academic(More)
− This paper presents an efficient system level power saving method for DRAM with multiple power modes. The proposed method is based on the power aware scheduling algorithm that controls DRAM modules in coarse grain in which the scheduler assigns appropriate power modes to memory banks at context switching time. The method controls the transition of(More)
In 2009, food waste in the United States comprised 14.1% of municipal solid waste, the third largest category after paper and yard trimmings. With food scraps and other organics dominating a large portion of the waste stream, cities across the United States and Canada are slowly adopting organics diversion programs as they learn of the feasibility and(More)
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