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Skin cancer is among the most frequent neoplastic malignancies and exposure to UV irradiation is a major risk factor. In addition to topical sunscreens, photoprotection by dietary antioxidants such as carotenoids or polyphenols has been suggested as a means of prevention. Isorenieratene (IR) and dihydroxyisorenieratene (DHIR) are aromatic carotenoids with(More)
Thiosemicarbazones derived from pyridine aldehydes aud ketoues (A) represent an interesti lg c ass of r bonucleotide reductase inhibilors I Previously we have showu, that replacement of the azine system by a 1,2-diaziue uucleus not only leads to improved solubility, but also to a reduction of cytotoxicily ia this class of compmmds without impairiug(More)
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