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Between-session intra-individual variability in sustained, selective, and integrational non-linguistic attention in aphasia
A number of studies have identified impairments in one or more types/aspects of attention processing in patients with aphasia (PWA) relative to healthy controls; person-to-person variability inExpand
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To what extent does attention underlie language in aphasia?
ABSTRACT Background: It is well established that persons with aphasia (PWA) exhibit impaired performance on assessments not only of language function but also of cognitive skills, including attentionExpand
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Development of a theoretically based treatment for sentence comprehension deficits in individuals with aphasia.
PURPOSE Two new treatments, 1 based on sentence to picture matching (SPM) and the other on object manipulation (OM), that train participants on the thematic roles of sentences using pictures or byExpand
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Between-session and within-session intra-individual variability in attention in aphasia
&NA; Persons with aphasia (PWA) have been found in many previous studies to exhibit impaired performance on attention processing tasks, even when these tasks do not contain linguistic stimuli. ThereExpand
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Inter- and Intra-Individual Variability in Non-Linguistic Attention in Aphasia
The cognitive skill of attention has previously been found to be impaired in persons with aphasia (PWA) relative to control participants (e.g., Murray, 2012). However, no study to date has examinedExpand
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Does Naming Therapy Make Ordering in a Restaurant Easier? Dynamics of Co-Occurring Change in Cognitive-Linguistic and Functional Communication Skills in Aphasia.
Purpose This study was conducted to investigate the static and dynamic relationships between impairment-level cognitive-linguistic abilities and activity-level functional communication skills inExpand
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The effect of a sentence comprehension treatment on discourse comprehension in aphasia
Background: While it is well understood that individuals with aphasia have difficulty with discourse comprehension, very few studies have examined the nature of discourse comprehension deficits inExpand
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Effects of Acquired Aphasia on the Recognition of Speech Under Energetic and Informational Masking Conditions
Persons with aphasia (PWA) often report difficulty understanding spoken language in noisy environments that require listeners to identify and selectively attend to target speech while ignoringExpand
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Assessing the benefit of acoustic beamforming for listeners with aphasia using modified psychoacoustic methods.
  • Sarah Villard, G. Kidd
  • Psychology, Medicine
  • The Journal of the Acoustical Society of America
  • 1 November 2020
Acoustic beamforming has been shown to improve identification of target speech in noisy listening environments for individuals with sensorineural hearing loss. This study examined whether beamformingExpand
Potential Implications of Attention Deficits for Treatment and Recovery in Aphasia
When thinking about what drives language recovery in aphasia, it is important to consider the possible role of attention processing. Not only is attention a fundamental skill that is required duringExpand
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