Sarah V. Ligda

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NASA's Flight Deck Display Research Laboratory recently investigated air traffic automation designed to alleviate groundside workload in high traffic environments. This paper examines the data from post-experiment debriefings. We found that pilots are comfortable reviewing automated conflict resolutions, as well as modifying those resolutions before(More)
The present research examines operational performance and verbal communication in airline flight crews under reduced crew operations (RCO). Eighteen two-pilot crews flew six scenarios under three conditions; one condition involved current-day operations while two involved RCO. In RCO flights, the Captain initially operated the simulated aircraft alone but(More)
This report investigates issues surrounding TBO procedures for the current aircraft fleet when requesting deviations around weather. Air and ground procedures were developed to stringently follow TBO principles using three types of communication: Voice, ACARS, and FANS. ACARS and FANS are both text-based communication systems, but FANS allows uplinked(More)
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