Sarah Tobergte

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Gnathostomulida is a taxon of small marine worms, which exclusively inhabit the interstitium. The evolution of Gnathostomulida has been discussed for decades. Originally regarded as primitive animals with affinities to flatworms, the phylogenetic position of Gnathostomulida has been debated. Given the lack of an anus a close relationship to Platyhelminthes(More)
Diurodrilidae is a taxon of Lophotrochozoa comprising about six, exclusively interstitial species, which are up to 500μm long and dorsoventrally flattened. Traditionally, Diurodrilidae had been regarded as an annelid family. However, recently Diurodrilidae had been excluded from Annelida and been placed in closer relationship to platyzoan taxa based on both(More)
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