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OBJECTIVE Intravenous medications are vital during inpatient management. Errors associated with the administration of medications through intravenous infusion pumps to critically ill patients can result in adverse drug events. We sought to assess the impact of smart pumps with integrated decision support software on the incidence and nature of medication(More)
PURPOSE We designed this study to examine the reliability of the nursing home survey process in the state of Kansas using regular and simultaneous survey teams. In particular, the study examined how two survey teams exposed to the same information at the same time differed in their interpretations. DESIGN AND METHODS The protocol for simultaneous surveys(More)
The ARINC-653 standard defines a common interface for Integrated Modular Avionics (IMA) code. In particular, ARINC-653 Part 1 specifies a process-and partition-management API that is analogous to POSIX threads, but with certain extensions and restrictions intended to support the implementation of high reliability flight code. MCP is a software model(More)
OBJECTIVES The Institute of Medicine called for the integration of interprofessional education (IPE) into health professions curricula, in order to improve health care quality. In response, we developed, implemented, and evaluated a campus wide IPE program, shifting from traditional educational silos to greater collaboration. METHODS Students (155) and(More)
In the U.S., federal and state governments perform routine inspections of nursing homes. Results of the inspections allow government to generate fines for findings of non-compliance as well as allow consumers to rank facilities. The purpose of this study is to investigate the inter-rater reliability of the nursing home survey process. In general, the survey(More)
OBJECTIVE A rule-based prototype decision support tool; Braden-scale based Automated Risk-assessment Tool (BART) was developed to test whether pressure ulcer risk scores can be determined automatically based on the documented patient data. METHODS The data items required for assessing pressure ulcer risk were identified by analyzing the parameter(More)
A technique, based upon abstract interpretation, is presented that allows general gate-level combinational asynchronous circuits with uncertain delay characteristics to be reasoned about. Our approach is particularly suited to the simulation and model checking of circuits where the identification of possible glitch states (static and dynamic hazards) is(More)
Nursing home staff turnover results in high cost--both economic and personal--and has a negative impact on the quality of care provided to residents at the end of life. Reducing staff turnover in nursing homes would benefit both the cost to the U.S. health care system, and, most importantly, the care residents receive in the vulnerable period leading to(More)
FPGAs are finding an increasing number of applications within NASA in deep space probes, planetary rovers and manned vehicles. Like other silicon devices, FPGAs can be damaged by high energy cosmic ray impacts, resulting in permanent latch-up conditions that manifest as 'stuck-at' faults. Traditionally, multiple redundancy and voting logic have been(More)