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1. Introduction. It is easy to show that contact-induced change can have a profound effect on the typological profile of the receiving language. Probably the most obvious examples , and also the ones that are easiest to find, are changes in basic sentential word order. These are especially striking because it is word order features that have attracted the(More)
Montana Salish is an Interior Salishan language spoken on the Flathead reservation in Northwest Montana by an estimated population of about 40 speakers. This paper describes the basic phonetic characteristics of the language based on data from five speakers. Montana Salish contains a number of typologically unusual consonant types. including glottalized(More)
1. Introduction A recurring theme in theoretical discussions of language contact is the question of borrowability—specifically, whether there are any substantive constraints governing the kinds of lexicon and structure that can be borrowed. Nowadays historical linguists are less likely to propose absolute constraints than they used to be, because everyone(More)
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