Sarah Terez Malka

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STUDY OBJECTIVE Multiple studies have explored pharmacologic interventions to prevent acute mountain sickness. A systematic review of this subject published in 2000 found that both acetazolamide and dexamethasone were effective. Since 2000, a number of other agents have been reported to be beneficial. This EBEM review evaluates the most current evidence on(More)
Requesting and providing consultations are daily occurrences in most teaching hospitals. With increased attention on transitions of care in light of the recent scrutiny of duty hours, consultations and other interphysician interactions, such as handoffs, are becoming increasingly important. As modern medicine increases in complexity, the skill of(More)
E-mail is now a primary method of correspondence in health care, and proficiency with professional e-mail use is a vital skill for physicians. Fundamentals of e-mail courtesy can be derived from lay literature, but there is a dearth of scientific literature that addresses the use of e-mail between physicians. E-mail communication between providers is(More)
BACKGROUND Several high-profile violent incidents have occurred within emergency departments (EDs). There are no recent studies reporting the effectiveness of ED metal detection. OBJECTIVE Our aim was to assess the effect of metal detection on ED weapons retrieval. METHODS In September 2011, a metal detector was installed at the entrance of an urban,(More)
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