Sarah Stock Patterson

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Throughout the United States and Europe, demand for airport use has been increasing rapidly during recent years, while airport capacity has been stagnating. Acute congestion in many major airports has been the unfortunate result. For U.S. airlines, the total yearly delay costs resulting from congestion are estimated to be on the order of $2 billion, while(More)
We address the problem of determining how to reroute aircraft in the air traffic control system when faced with dynamically changing weather conditions. The overall objective of this problem is the minimization of delay costs. This problem is of primary concern in the European air traffic control system and in particular regions within the US air traffic(More)
In this paper, a pseudopolynomial time algorithm is presented for solving the integral time-dependent quickest flow problem (TDQFP) and its multiple source and sink counterparts: the time-dependent evacuation and quickest transshipment problems. A more widely known, though less general version, is the quickest flow problem (QFP). The QFP has historically(More)
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