Sarah Steinhauser

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Autocatalytic activity of some group II introns has been demonstrated in vitro, but helper functions such as the yeast MRS2 protein are essential for splicing in vivo. In our search for such helper factors in plants, we pursued the cloning of two Arabidopsis thaliana homologues, atmrs2-1 and atmrs2-2. Atmrs2-1, but not atmrs2-2, complements the yeast(More)
Enterocyte apoptosis in necrotizing enterocolitis is partly due to the elaboration of toxic intermediates of nitric oxide (NO), such as peroxynitrite (PN). Because p38 mitogen-activated protein kinase (MAPK) and serine-threonine kinase (AKT) are well-characterized pro- and anti-apoptotic mediators, respectively, we hypothesized that PN could induce(More)
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