Sarah Spreckelmeyer

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A series of novel (C^N) cyclometallated Au(III) complexes of general formula [Au(py(b)-H)L(1)L(2)](n+) (py(b)-H = C^N cyclometallated 2-benzylpyridine, L(1) and L(2) being chlorido, phosphane or glucosethiolato ligands, n = 0 or 1) have been synthesized and fully characterized using different techniques, including NMR, IR and far-IR, mass spectrometry, as(More)
Organometallics with N-heterocyclic carbene (NHC) ligands have triggered major interest in inorganic medicinal chemistry. Complexes of the type Rh(I)(NHC)(COD)X (where X is Cl or I, COD is cyclooctadiene, and NHC is a dimethylbenzimidazolylidene) represent a promising type of new metallodrugs that have been explored by advanced biomedical methods only(More)
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