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We show how the Fiat-Shamir transform can be used to convert three-move identification protocols into two-tier signature schemes (a primitive we define) with a proof of security that makes a standard assumption on the hash function rather than modeling it as a random oracle. The result requires security of the starting protocol against concurrent attacks.(More)
Five antibodies, 2D.1 (pan-leukocyte), AE-1,3 (anti-keratin), B72.3 (anti-carcinoma), ME 1-14 (alpha-chondroitin sulfate proteoglycan) and polyclonal S-100 protein (P-S100), were tested to determine if this panel could be used immunocytochemically to differentiate melanoma from nonmelanoma. A total of 161 cases were evaluated: 145 fine needle aspirates of(More)
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