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Virtual reality (VR) systems are used in a variety of applications within industry, education, public and domestic settings. Research assessing reported symptoms and side effects of using VR systems indicates that these factors combine to influence user experiences of virtual reality induced symptoms and effects (VRISE). Three experiments were conducted to(More)
UNLABELLED This article reports the results of a qualitative study investigating attitudes towards and opinions of an advanced automation system currently used in UK rail signalling. In-depth interviews were held with 10 users, key issues associated with automation were identified and the automation's impact on the signalling task investigated. The(More)
Usability has become established as an important aspect of product design. This paper describes an investigation that was carried out to identify the importance of usability in product choice related to other product attributes. Interviews were initially carried out to identify possible attributes that contribute to product choice. Experiments were then(More)
The use of Geographic Information or GI, has grown rapidly in recent years. Previous research has identified the importance of usability and user centred design in enabling the proliferation and exploitation of GI. However, the design and development of usable GI is not simply a matter of applying the tried and tested usability methods that have been(More)
(2012). Designing a semantic sketchbook to create opportunities for serendipity. General rights Copyright and moral rights for the publications made accessible in Discovery Research Portal are retained by the authors and/or other copyright owners and it is a condition of accessing publications that users recognise and abide by the legal requirements(More)
Map information for drivers is usually presented in an allocentric-topographic form (as with printed maps) or in an egocentric-schematic form (as with road signs). The advent of new variable message boards on UK motorways raises the possibility of presenting road maps to reflect congestion ahead. Should these maps be allocentric-topographic or(More)