Sarah Schwarzer

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In atrial and nodal cardiac myocytes, M2 muscarinic receptors activate inhibitory G-proteins (G(i/o)), which in turn stimulate G-protein-gated inwardly rectifying K(+) channels through direct binding of the Gbetagamma subunit. Despite also releasing Gbetagamma, G(s)-coupled receptors such as the beta-adrenergic receptor are not able to prominently activate(More)
BACKGROUND: Oestrogens play a crucial role in breast carcinogenesis. Earlier studies have analysed the serum levels of endogenous hormones measured by conventional assays. In this study, we analysed the capacity of serum from breast cancer cases and controls to transactivate the oestrogen receptor a (ERa) and b (ER-b). METHODS: We used a receptor(More)
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