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The modified predicate theory of proper names
Tyler Burge (1973) argues for what he calls the ‘modified predicate view’ of proper names — the view that proper names are predicates in their own right. Expand
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Privileged access to the world
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Conceptual Errors and Social Externalism
Asa Maria Wikforss has proposed a response to Burge's thought experiments in favour of social externalism, one which allows the individualist to maintain that narrow content is truth?conditionalExpand
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In Defence of Burge's Thesis
Burge's thesis is the thesis that certain second-order self-ascriptionsare self-verifying in virtue of their self-referential form. The thesis hasrecently come under attack on the grounds that itExpand
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The importance of concepts
Words change meaning over time. Some meaning shift is accompanied by a corresponding change in subject matter; some meaning shift is not. In this paper I argue that an account of linguistic meaningExpand
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Cognitivism: A New Theory of Singular Thought?
In a series of recent articles, Robin Jeshion has developed a theory of singular thought which she calls ‘cognitivism’. According to Jeshion, cognitivism offers a middle path between acquaintanceExpand
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New Waves in Philosophy of Language
Series Preface Notes on the Contributors Introduction S.Sawyer Vagueness and Non-Indexical Contextualism J.Akerman & P.Greenough Semantics and the Place of Psychological Evidence E.Borg Naturalism inExpand
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Sufficient Absences
Externalism about psychological kinds is the thesis that certain of a subject's mental states and events are dependent for their individuation on the subject's environment. The thesis opens up theExpand
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Contrastive Self-knowledge
In this article, I draw on a recent account of perceptual knowledge according to which knowledge is contrastive. I extend the contrastive account of perceptual knowledge to yield a contrastiveExpand
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