Sarah S Schram

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The purpose of this brief is to explore beliefs about health and body weight in young perinatal women. Thirty-two women were interviewed. Findings point to the importance of young women receiving education related to physical activity, nutrition, and the link between these components and a healthy weight during reproductive years.
BACKGROUND Hyaluronic acid (HA) fillers are FDA approved for improving the appearance of the nasolabial folds. Previous reports on the use of HA for this treatment have focused on injections directly into the location of the desired correction. To our knowledge, a study has not been done evaluating the efficacy of injecting a low volume of HA into the(More)
BACKGROUND Complications in cosmetic laser and energy based surgery affect a number of patients every year and may cause scars, burns, blisters, and pigmentation damage. OBJECTIVE To evaluate documented complications in cosmetic laser- and energy-based surgeries, determine the most common errors, and recommend a simple procedural sequence to reduce(More)
BACKGROUND An association between melanoma and Parkinson disease (PD) has been hinted at in the neurology and oncology literature since the 1970s after the initiation of levodopa (L-DOPA) therapy for PD. Given that L-DOPA is a substrate in melanin synthesis, there existed a concern that this therapy might cause melanoma. OBJECTIVE The objective was to(More)
Importance Skin cancer is the most common malignancy occurring after organ transplantation. Although previous research has reported an increased risk of skin cancer in solid organ transplant recipients (OTRs), no study has estimated the posttransplant population-based incidence in the United States. Objective To determine the incidence and evaluate the(More)
Current research has suggested that obesity prevention efforts should promote policy and environmental changes. The Partners for a Healthy City project, implemented in Douglas County, Nebraska, focused on collaborating with local organizations to help them select and implement 1 or more policies that promoted healthy eating and physical activity. Of the 346(More)
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