Sarah S Ruh

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BACKGROUND Previous clinical studies comparing nonrestrictive and restrictive protocols after meniscal repair have shown no difference in outcomes; however, some surgeons still limit range of motion out of concern that it will place undue stress on the repair. HYPOTHESIS Large acute medial meniscal tears will gap during simulated open chain exercises at(More)
Chronic inflammatory tumor-like lesions of the temporal bone represent a difficult clinical task for the skull base surgeon. Their osteolytic aggressiveness endangers vital structures and may not be controlled by surgery alone. We present the course of four cases of fibroinflammatory pseudotumor of the temporal bone which were treated by a combined approach(More)
Although faculty in graduate schools of business and nursing teach their students many useful technical and managerial skills, one area often not considered in depth is how to deal with dysfunctional departmental conflict and confrontation resulting from organizational politics and ingrained defensiveness. The authors discuss an actual organizational(More)
Suprahyoid pharyngotomy has been utilized as the standard approach to tongue base cancer not involving the larynx or mandible for the last 6 years at the Department of Veterans Affairs Medical Center, Boston, Mass. Review of 15 patients revealed that all had advanced disease (stage III and stage IV); 14 cases involved the tongue base, and one was on the(More)
For the evaluation of neoplastic orbital lesions an interdisciplinary concept is crucial and includes modern imaging techniques as well as rhinosurgical approaches to the orbit. During a 14-year period 6 primary malignant orbital lymphomas and 9 cases of orbital pseudotumors were managed at our department. In most of the cases an exophthalmus with painful(More)
Quality management will become another discipline for intensive care and research for the physician. Therefore, the first step in this process will be the need for standardised evaluation criteria and case record forms for documentation, leading to effective quality assessment and control. Only this approach may promote our attempts to improve the quality(More)
INTRODUCTIONS Cochlear implants are used for the rehabilitation of bilaterally deaf patients. Due to the improvements in speech processing they might be also useful for patients with residual hearing and some speech understanding. METHODS Pre- and postoperative speech understanding scores in 26 patients receiving implants were evaluated in a retrospective(More)
Hintergrund: Die Abklärung raumfordernder orbitaler Prozesse erfordert neben einer modernen bildgebenden Diagnostik ein interdisziplinäres Konzept, in das der HNO-Arzt wegen der rhinochirurgischen Zugangsmöglichkeit zur Orbita unmittelbar eingebunden ist. Patienten: Innerhalb von 14 Jahren wurde bei 6 Patienten ein primäres malignes Lymphom der Orbita(More)
Reconstruction of defects after resection of advanced head and neck tumours with the pedicled myocutaneous pectoralis-major-flap is a well established method of regional plastic surgery. A 66 year old female patient with an oropharyngeal squamous cell carcinoma was treated by surgery and radiotherapy in curative intention. A few months later a local(More)
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